Ministry to Israel
Since its beginning in 1988, Ministry to Israel has been a channel of blessing through which the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) has comforted the Jewish people. Prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes and God wants the Church to know it. He not only wants them to be aware, but involved in what He is doing with Israel in these days. Whether it is helping the Jewish people home, helping them settle in their homeland, praying for them, staying informed about issues relevant to Israel and the Jewish people, or comforting them by visiting them, God has opened countless doors of opportunity for the Church to minister to Israel, through Ministry to Israel.

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Director - Michael Utterback

Michael UtterbackAs Director for the Church of God Ministry to Israel, Michael travels extensively in many nations. Helping in the transportation of Jewish people to their homeland from the Former Soviet Union is one of the main focuses for Michael and Ministry to Israel. As a part of this call, he has been instrumental in partnering with other organizations that are effectively working with Israel and the Jewish people to help them home. Michael travels throughout the FSU and Siberia helping with the oversight and operation of this endeavor.